Narita Plant IT lead


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更新日: 07-07-2024

場所: 成田市 千葉県

カテゴリー: IT-ソフトウェア

業界: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

レベル: Mid-Senior level

ジョブタイプ: Full-time

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By clicking the “Apply” button, I understand that my employment application process with Takeda will commence and that the information I provide in my application will be processed in line with Takeda’s Privacy Notice and Terms of Use. I further attest that all information I submit in my employment application is true to the best of my knowledge.

Job Description

Takeda is unwavering in our commitment to patients. With the patient at the center of everything we do, we continue to innovate and drive changes that will better their lives - we’re looking for like-minded professionals to join us.

Today, we are the number one pharmaceutical company in Japan and a global industry leader, with approximately 50,000 employees around the world. We are united by our four priorities (patient, trust, reputation and business) and Takeda-ism (Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance), and strive towards better health and a brighter future for people worldwide.




  • We look for a Digital & IT Leader who will inspire new ideas, co-create solutions and drive business outcomes with data, digital and information technologies in close partnership with our Manufacturing Site in Narita plant.
  • This role will be key in enabling the site to be leading in technology and innovation as part of the Japan regional manufacturing network in Takeda.
  • As a local IT Leader, you will leverage the global IT collaboration network, platforms and products to advance the site.
  • Manages the local relationship between Narita plant Leadership and IT as well as IT roadmap(demand management), services and portfolio.
  • Implements the Global IT Strategy aligned with the local business requirements, needed agility and in accordance to Global IT procedures & standards.
  • Manages local IT Budget in an effective and efficient way, to ensure operational continuity and IT objectives are met.
  • 成田工場のサイトリーダーシップメンバの一員となり、成田工場におけるIT demandを集約し、ITサービスの品質、ITポートフォリオを管理する。
  • 成田工場のニーズや現状を踏まえ、グローバルIT戦略を最適な形でサイトに導入する。同時に必要な導入手法や標準を順守する。
  • 割り当てられたIT予算を効果的且つ効率的に利用し、適切なITサービスを運用・提供する。
  • Manages relationships with Narita plant leadership teams and act as IT SPOC. Demonstrate solid technical knowledge and strong business knowledge, require limited direction, give significant direction, handle highly complex problems.
  • Understands the business and its strategy/initiatives, and translates them into IT demand and prioritize the key IT initiatives.
  • Define the target digital maturity level and achieve it by completing the key IT initiatives.
  • Ensure the IT services meet the business needs and lead the digital/IT transformation with the business/ IT key stakeholders to maximize the IT values.
  • Develops and maintains effective collaborative relationships within GMSGQ IT Japan team and other function IT leaders.
  • Manage or participate on projects as required.
  • 成田工場のサイトリーダーシップメンバの一員となり、成田工場におけるITの代表者となる。確かな技術知識と幅広いビジネス知識を使い、明確な指示を出しながら、非常に複雑なサイトのIT課題を処理する。
  • 成田工場のニーズ、ビジネス戦略を理解して、ITとして必要なプロジェクトやタスクに落とし込み、高付加価値なITサービス提供に向けて優先順位付けを行う。
  • 成田工場の目標となるデジタルレベルを定義、プロジェクトを進める事で達成する。
  • 全社、Global IT、GMSGQIT Visionを短長期のゴールに落とし込みを行い、既存プロジェクトを加味しながら、トランスフォーメーションを全面的にリードする。
  • 提供するITサービスがビジネスの要望を満たしてる事を確認し、ITの価値を最大化することを目的に、関係者と協働しデジタル&ITトランスフォーメーションをリードする。
  • 所属するチーム(GMSGQ IT Japan)ならびに他ITチームメンバと協働する。
  • 必要に応じてプロジェクト管理、参加を行う。
Education, Behavioural Competencies And Skills
  • Bachelors’ degree or equivalent in Computer Science or similar such as Engineering
  • 10+ years related pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical consulting work required
  • Lead the IT team to provide the IT services.
  • Ability to write/read and speak in the English and Japanese language
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, business acumen with problem solving and analytical skills
  • Have a good understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and experience with validated systems.
  • Business relationship management skills; ability to connect and engage with local management and stakeholders on areas of expertise.
  • Ability to set priorities, align stakeholder expectations, to develop and execute an associated action plan.
  • Work with virtual teams located in different countries around the world, aligning and adapting different work, culture and communication styles.
  • Team player with some experience leading and collaborating cross- functionally to ensure successful delivery of solutions.
  • Project management experience.
  • Financial Management for IT Services skills
  • コンピュータサイエンスまたはエンジニアリングなどの類似の学位または同等の学位
  • 年以上の製薬または製薬コンサルティング業務経験
  • ITチームを主導し、サービスを提供した経験。
  • 製薬業界を特有の規制(GMPなど)十分に理解し、Validation/Qualificationが必要となるシステム導入をした経験
  • 優れた口頭および書面による英語と日本語のコミュニケーションスキル、問題解決能力と分析スキル
  • 日本語、英語ともに読み書きでき、流暢に話ができること
  • 利害関係者と良好な関係を構築維持するスキル。
  • ビジネスやチーム状況、戦略などを踏まえて、優先順位の設定し、利害関係者と調整し、関連する行動計画を作成して実行するスキル。
  • 様々な仕事の仕方や異なる文化を持つ利害関係者とコミュニケーションを通じて協力するスキル
  • ソリューションを導入するために、チームの枠を超えて主体的に協働した経験
  • プロジェクト/プログラムマネジメントの経験
  • ITサービスにおける予算/コスト管理の経験





賞与 原則年2回

勤務時間:本社(大阪市中央区・東京都中央区)9 00~17 30 、工場(山口県光市・大阪市淀川区)8 00~16 45 、研究所(神奈川県藤沢市)9 00~17 45





Empowering Our People to Shine

Allowances Commutation, Housing, Overtime Work etc.

Salary Increase Annually

Bonus Payment Twice a year

Working Hours Headquarters (Osaka/ Tokyo) 9 00-17 30, Production Sites (Osaka/ Yamaguchi) 8 00-16 45, Research Site (Kanagawa) 9 00-17 45

Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, May Day, Year-End Holidays etc. (approx. 123 days in a year)

Paid Leaves Annual Paid Leave, Special Paid Leave, short-term and long-term sick leave, Refresh Leave, family support leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, family nursing leave, short-term family nursing leave.

Flexible Work Styles Flextime, Telework

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Empowering Our People to Shine


Narita, Japan

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Full time
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締切: 21-08-2024



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