1.For Report Job:
- Please use tool report on website, every job/company have "BUTTON REPORT",
fill/choose information, we will review and delete it right now, 48 hours at the latest.

2.For Account:
- You can register in many ways. If you don't receive active email, please register via other way.

3.For User data:
- We GUARANTEE NOT TO USE USER DATA FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSE, user have full rights to create/show/hide resume (CV).
At the same time, user can also delete the account immediately, all user data will also be deleted.
- Note: For safety and security, user will be deleted if you do not login within 180 days, all data also will be deleted

4.For Error:
AI will checks for potential threats, so if you see error (404,405,406, ...), please review the information you provided (title, content, file,...).